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US-4166008-A: Process for recovery of olefinic nitriles patent, US-4172749-A: Shaped articles formed from thermoplastic sheeting containing sealed passageways patent, US-4347278-A: Polytetrafluoroethylene fluorocarbon resin dispersion-containing coating composition for glass fibers, glass fibers, and glass fiber fabric coated therewith patent, US-4474806-A: Sulfonyl or carbonyl inositol derivatives useful as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents patent, US-4583260-A: Combined vacuum cleaner and steam iron patent, US-4799610-A: Carrying holder patent, US-5099359-A: Composite optical interference filter for use in film scanner system patent, US-5273533-A: Medical valve patent, US-5340723-A: Method for diagnosing for aneurysms patent, US-5362559-A: Polysilane monomolecular film and polysilane built-up film patent, US-5364897-A: Uretonimine-modified emulsifiable polyisocyanate compositions patent, US-5797581-A: Apparatus for positioning and mounting fixtures patent, US-5824370-A: Process for treating wood patent, US-6001366-A: Slimming cosmetic composition containing a Chrysanthellum indicum extract patent, US-6251475-B1: Preparation of a magnetic layer patent, US-6262958-B1: Transmission cable, jack to which transmission cable is inserted, and recorded patent, US-6453801-B1: Appliance for cooking food articles patent, US-5405907-A: Print retaining coatings and coating compositions for the preparation thereof patent, US-5656575-A: Method and apparatus for fabricating weak link junctions on vicinally cut substrates patent, US-6383976-B1: Multimetal oxide material for gas-phase catalytic oxidation of organic compounds patent, US-6431420-B1: Reloadable fuse dispensing system patent, US-6746873-B1: Vibratory system for a sorting flow cytometer patent, US-4036754-A: Sewage treatment apparatus patent, US-4109326-A: Bath tub enclosure patent, US-4508810-A: Light-desensitizable transfer medium with photooxidizable reactant and oxygen-sensitizing dye patent, US-4517906-A: Method and apparatus for controlling auxiliary fuel addition to a pyrolysis furnace patent, US-4590157-A: Method for detecting antigens and antibodies patent, US-4721938-A: Process for forming a silicon pressure transducer patent, US-6052234-A: Viewfinder optical system patent, US-6183623-B1: Electrochemical conversion of anhydrous hydrogen halide to halogen gas using an ionically conducting membrane patent, US-6270710-B1: Process for manufacturing hollow plastic objects patent, US-6320515-B1: Method and equipment for motorway control patent, US-6593030-B2: Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery patent, US-4502048-A: Security means patent, US-4509930-A: Modular structures having hinge and mating pin fastening means patent, US-4542689-A: Apparatus for sorting packagings such as cans based on the material thereof patent, US-4647853-A: Mud turbine tachometer patent, US-4709412-A: Remote control unit integrator console patent, US-4833008-A: Metalized fabric patent, US-5285494-A: Network management system patent, US-5591243-A: Liquid trap for compressed air patent, US-5700532-A: Stable silicone coated fabric without adhesion promoter patent, US-5998012-A: Ceramic layer systems, particularly for gas sensors patent, US-4698775-A: Self-contained mobile reprogrammable automation device patent, US-4738900-A: Thermo-setting, polymerizable composition and wiring board patent, US-5026943-A: Catalytic conversion over catalyst comprising synthetic crystal MCM-35 patent, US-5126441-A: Bisglycosides patent, US-5274509-A: On-the-fly splitting of disk data blocks using timed sampling of a data position indicator patent, US-5279191-A: Reinforced alumina ceramic-metal bodies patent, US-5408253-A: Integrated galvanometer scanning device patent, US-5619050-A: Semiconductor acceleration sensor with beam structure patent, US-5642803-A: Article loading apparatus and method therefor patent, US-5663294-A: Calpain-inhibiting peptide analogs of the kininogen heavy chain patent, US-6092087-A: Log file optimization in a client/server computing system patent, US-6167427-A: Replication service system and method for directing the replication of information servers based on selected plurality of servers load patent, US-6722998-B1: Method of applying putter alignment indicator to a putter patent, US-4525072-A: Rotary mixing apparatus patent, US-4565308-A: Child resistant powder dispenser patent, US-4916725-A: Patient support apparatus having x-ray film cartridge shuttle positioning means patent, US-5340797-A: Superconducting 123YBaCu-oxide produced at low temperatures patent, US-6355881-B1: Means for sealing an electronic or optical component within an enclosure housing patent, US-6418768-B2: Method and apparatus for producing a crimp connection patent, US-6429170-B1: Sorbents for desulfurizing gasolines and diesel fuel patent, US-3811056-A: Velocity sensor patent, US-4609570-A: Release composition for hydraulic bonding materials, method for facilitating unmolding of hydraulic bonding materials from molds, and method for casting molded pre-formed articles of hydraulic bonding materials patent, US-5433183-A: Connection system for connecting a pipe carrying a hot fluid to a plastic member and its use in an internal combustion engine patent, US-5665310-A: Device with spacer for the reflectometric evaluation of test elements patent, US-6529622-B1: Method and apparatus for identifying defective regions in a discrete pixel detector patent, US-6548639-B1: IgG-binding protein from Staphylococcus and nucleotide sequence encoding this protein patent, US-6657967-B1: Dummy bit elimination device and coding apparatus for FEC code word patent, US-6740254-B2: Glycerin triester plasticizer patent, US-4585389-A: Apparatus for loading or unloading a workpiece patent, US-5171126-A: Centrifugal pump with an annular shroud patent, US-5176951-A: Reinforced dental appliances and prostheses patent, US-5211479-A: Digital pacifier thermometer patent, US-5804058-A: Catalytic dewaxing processes using alumina free coated catalyst patent, US-6087801-A: Process for controlling a rotating machine, a servocontrol system for implementing said method and a rotating machine provided with a system of this kind patent, US-6092914-A: Zoom lighting fixture having multifunction actuator patent, US-6102463-A: Vehicle seat assembly with hidden storage compartment patent, US-6150111-A: Methods and kits for recombining nucleic acids patent, US-6500492-B1: Aqueous, film forming preparations for coating mineral shaped bodies patent, US-6610197-B2: Low-sulfur fuel and process of making patent, US-3960637-A: Composite structural member patent, US-5870076-A: Pixel data correction apparatus for use with an actuated mirror array patent, US-6366545-B2: Reproducing and recording apparatus, decoding apparatus, recording apparatus, reproducing and recording method, decoding method and recording method patent, US-4164644-A: Portable electrical heating unit with automatic cutoff patent, US-4308733-A: Security device for automobile spare tires patent, US-4603794-A: Pressure multiplying dispenser patent, US-5423787-A: Sanitary napkin or incontinence guard patent, US-5627392-A: Semiconductor structure for long term learning patent, US-6071781-A: Method of fabricating lateral MOS transistor patent, US-6239214-B1: Graft copolymer emulsions and two-package waterborne urethane coatings patent, US-4811871-A: Liquid dosing device patent, US-5189518-A: Image blur correcting apparatus patent, US-5728800-A: Thermoplastic polyamide molding materials patent, US-5756222-A: Corrosion-resistant aluminum article for semiconductor processing equipment patent, US-6169007-B1: Self-aligned non-selective thin-epi-base silicon germanium (SiGe) heterojunction bipolar transistor BicMOS process using silicon dioxide etchback patent, US-4382457-A: Tree harvester patent, US-4981216-A: Easy opening bag pack and supporting rack system and fabricating method patent, US-5451624-A: Stabilized modifier and impact modified thermoplastics patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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